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Salsify - Seeds - Non Gmo - Heirloom Seeds – Vegetable Seeds - Grow Your Own Food At Home! - Fast Growing Variety!

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Salsify - Organic Seeds - Non Gmo - Heirloom Seeds – Vegetable Seeds - Fresh USA Garden Seeds - Grows Fast

Salsify is grown similarly to other root vegetables like parsnip and carrots and thus require similar attention. The seeds need 8–10 days of germination time. In the first year only the vegetative parts of the plant are developed. In autumn the energy is stored in the root system, and in the second season the generative purple flowers evolve. They bloom from early to mid summer.

The plant is edible but the roots and leaves are most palatable when collected before the flower stalk is produced. The root is noted for having a mild taste when uncooked, described as like asparagus or oysters. The outer layers can be scraped off, with the root dipped in cold water to preserve its color. If too tough for eating, they can be boiled with a pinch of baking soda and a change of water. Raw young roots can be grated for use in salads, but older roots are better cooked. They can be added to soups, stews or stir-fries.

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