Plant Food - All Natural - High Quality Plant Food

Ensure that your plants receive the vital nutrients they need for optimal growth and vitality with our all-natural, high-quality plant food. Our specially formulated plant food is designed to promote healthy root development, increase yield and improve overall plant health. Order now, and give your plants the boost they need to thrive.
  • Multiple Uses

    Our Liquid Soluble Plant Fertilizer Is Perfect For Your Hydroponics System As Well As For Traditional Soil Gardens! Contains All MICRO & MACRO nutrients plants need! Can be used with ANY growing medium and cultivation style (Coco Coir, Soil, Rockwool, Peat Moss, Deep Water Culture, Perlite & more).

  • Our Plant Food Does It All

    You Can Grow Plants All The Way Through Their Entire Life Cycle (From Seedling All The Way Through Flowering). Great For All Vegetables, Herbs, House Plants, Flowers, Medicinal Herbs, And Much More!

  • Cost Effective

    Don't Waste Your Time And Money On Overpriced Watered Down Bottled Nutrients That Are 10x-20x More Expensive! Easiest Method For Feeding Fields, Greenhouses, Small & Large Gardens, Containers & House Plants!

Grow A Huge Garden With Our High Quality All Natural Plant Fertilizer

All Natural Plant Fertilizer - Makes 5 Gallons - Plant Food - Grow Your Own Food At Home!

Now you can grow huge, beautiful fruits, vegetables and house plants with our all natural plant fertilizer.

Simply mix these three ingredients that are included into water one at a time stirring for 30 seconds each.

Enough plant food to make a 5 Gallon solution of plant food.

Feed each plant once or twice per week for big, strong, beautiful plants and vegetables.

Instructions are included!

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