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Garden Variety Kit - 30 Varieties - 10,000+ Seeds - Organic Vegetables - Heirloom Seeds - Grow Your Own Food At Home! Fast Shipping

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Ultimate Garden Variety Kit - 10,000+ Seeds - 30 Varieties - Organic Vegetable Seed Kit - Heirloom Seeds - Grow Your Own Food At Home!

With 30 varieties, you will have plenty of tasty plants to make casseroles, appetizers, entrees, and eat raw.


(500) White Turnip Seeds, (6) Jumbo Pink Squash Seeds, (160) Brussel Sprouts Seeds, (20) Black Beauty Zucchini Seeds, (1,900) Black Seeded Simpson Leaf Lettuce Seeds, (200) Red Acre Cabbage Seeds, (160) Purple Rutabagas Seeds, (325) Utah Tall Celery Seeds, (400) Red Core Carrot Seeds, (160) Broccoli Seeds, (450) Southern Mustard Greens Seeds, (200) Detroit Dark Red Beet Seeds, (30) Black Oil Sunflower Seeds, (500) Arugula Seeds, (20) Little Marvel Pea Seeds, (20) Straight Neck Yellow Squash Seeds, (20) Cayenne Pepper Seeds, (20) Butternut Squash Seeds, (20) Green Arrow Pea Seeds, (1,000) Purple Top Turnip Seeds, (500) Alfalfa Seeds, (25) Boston Pickling Cucumber Seeds, (100) Spinach Seeds, (10) String less Bush Bean Seeds, (750) Blue Scotch Kale Seeds, (1,400) Bibb Lettuce Seeds, (300) Copenhagen Market Cabbage Seeds, (1,000) Golden Ball Turnip Seeds, (45) Clemson Spineless Okra Seeds & (300) Champion Radish Seeds.

Total Of Over 10,000+ Seeds!

Start your own Ultimate Garden Today!

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