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German Chamomile - Seeds - Organic - Non Gmo - Heirloom Seeds – Herb Seeds - USA Garden Seeds

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Chamomile Seeds - Organic & Non Gmo Chamomile Seeds - Medicinal Flower Seeds

Are you looking for an herb that is both beautiful and beneficial?

Try our Chamomile seeds!

Our seeds are non-GMO and grown using sustainable methods, ensuring that you are getting the best quality product.

Chamomile is a delicate, daisy-like flower that is well-known for its soothing properties.

Chamomile is used as an herbal medicine for a sore stomach, skin care, irritable bowel syndrome, and as a gentle sleep aid.

It's often used to make a calming tea, which can help to reduce stress and promote sleep.

Research with animals suggests it also has antispasmodic, antioxidant, anxiolytic, anti-inflammatory, antimutagenic and cholesterol-lowering effects, making it beneficial for skin care, and can be used in infusions, oils, and creams.

The chamomile oil can be processed into pills, but the flower head can also be used as a whole to make use of the beneficial effect.

Our Chamomile seeds are easy to grow and can be planted in a sunny spot in your garden or in pots.

They are also drought-tolerant and require minimal maintenance, making them perfect for those who want a low-maintenance garden.

With our seeds, you can ensure that you have a steady supply of fresh Chamomile flowers to make your own tea or skincare products.

Don't wait, order now and start growing your own Chamomile!

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